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SuccessFactors is an American multinational SaaS company focused on Performance and HR management.

Business Issues

  • Grow revenue and market share at all costs while successfully scaling business

Visualize Solution

  • ValueSelling workshops delivered to all new hires to ensure the process is part of company DNA
  • Custom case studies


  • Reps did not focus on value
  • Low contact
  • Demo to win


While growing from 9 reps to 100+ reps, SuccessFactors achieved the following:

  • $42K ASP Enterprise ACV (annual contract value) to $200K ACV + 1M+ deals/qtr
  • New pipeline growth quarter over quarter
  • Average Rep productivity – $800K – $1.05M – $1.25M – $1.4M
  • Increasing forecast accuracy

With the challenging objective of growing revenue and market share while successfully scaling the business, SuccessFactors knew that utilizing a common framework would be essential. The introduction of ValueSelling resulted in reps improving their ability to focus on value and increase contact. Over a four year period, SuccessFactors grew from 9 reps to over 100. Utilizing a common framework was key in making sure everyone was speaking the same language.

“Biggest Impact from ValueSelling and Visualize while increasing forecast accuracy average Enterprise Deal size of $42K to $160K in one year! (280%)”
– Dave Yarnold, SVP

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Phone: +1-248-593-5455 or
+1-888-88-GOALS (46257)

Mail: Visualize Headquarters,
452 Bonnie Briar, Suite 100,
Birmingham, MI 48009


“The ValueSelling framework is now the foundation to my team’s approach, and we have found the principles to be true enough to apply in many situations. We now have a repeatable, efficient, and successful way to manage and close deals.”
Scott Jorgensen, Salesforce