251 – Is the number of selling days there are in a normal calendar year, and we’ve already had 110 this year.  While this doesn’t sound like much, by the end of this month (June) we’ll have had half of them.

It’s time to take stock of you and/or your team – Where are you relative to your plan?  What is your plan vs. your quota?  By how much have you exceeded your personal target? Or by how much are you under it? And what does your funnel look like?  Wait, just checking, you do have a target for yourself which is higher than your quota, even slightly, right?  I know many of you have something much greater, but remember setting your target at your quota doesn’t allow you or your brain to focus on much room for error and a potential miss.  Many teams we coach have found that when they set their target much higher than the quota, a different internal mental dialogue happens. It’s not about how to make the quota anymore and, therefore, it becomes a more positive mental focus instead of “how do I just get to my quota.” Mentally focus on your target consistently, and take action towards it.

When we look at what is required for success, we must review our current performance results – how much funnel do we need at the various stages to yield the results.  If you don’t know, do some reverse calculations based on your results this first half of the year to-date.  A simple guide when working with qualified opportunities is 3X the number in qualified prospects to your desired yield.  So, if you’re looking for $1M in closed won, you must have roughly $3M in your qualified pipeline.  Much of this depends on you and/or your team’s ability to move successfully through the various stages in the funnel.  Some may have better conversion rates while others may not, adjust to your current yield.

Make sure you and your team’s activity is “productive” activity.  How often do we find ourselves being pulled into activity which may not yield the highest return for our effort?  Meaning, it’s work, but is it the best use of our time, often is busy work.  Find ways to prioritize and remove the disruptions. Think Qualified Prospect Formula. Remember QP = VMD x V x Po x Pl

What are some effective ways to manage your time to yield better results?  “Time blocking,” look at your calendar and, in a given week, determine how much time is required for prospecting, calls, follow up, new business and skills refinement.  There may be other activities, of course, but really try to focus your time on the most productive elements for impact. Finally, to continually improve and accelerate we must better focus our time and enhance and evolve our abilities by continually learning.

So, block it in your calendar and then use that to schedule your time.  Shut off your disruptions while you’re performing your various activities and do only what is scheduled during that time:

  • Leverage the QP Formula to prioritize the activities
  • Time block
  • Focus on your target

Remember, you only have 141 days to get there.  Make each day as productive as possible and your days will turn into productive weeks and eventually months. Best success in overachieving on your target (not your quota)!

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Scott Anschuetz
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