Now is the time to set your goals and create a plan that will help you achieve them. Remember, we inevitably end up where we consistently focus — good or bad. Regardless of what happened in 2020, we should now be looking forward towards where we want to go this year.

How do you create a plan that gives you the best opportunity of achieving your quota and more? Below is a very structured process that can help you do exactly that. Download this worksheet and record your data there as you follow along with these instructions.

  1. Take an hour to review your 2020

What were your numbers for the year? Focus on the following variables:

  • What was my total sales number?
  • How many deals closed?
  • What was my average selling price?
  • What was my average length of sale?
  • How many leads did I have?
  • What was my conversion rate for those leads? (Divide your leads by the number of deals closed won).
  1. Decide what your uber objective is for 2021

Start with your quota for the new year, then use that develop your target. Don’t simply set your target as your mandated quota — aim above that. That way you’ll overachieve and remove some of the pressure from hitting your quota.

  1. Use 2020’s numbers to help develop an activity plan for 2021

Using the data collected in step one will give you an idea as to what levels of activity you need to achieve to hit your target. Divide your target amount by average deal size to determine how many deals you need to close. Next, focus on your conversion rate, and figure out how many leads you’ll need to close the identified number of deals. This will give you a specific level of activity that you can act on. You’ll find out that you need to make X calls per day to hit your target. Make sure that you devise a plan for how and when you are going to make the necessary calls. Many reps find time-blocking to be useful. Schedule different blocks of time on your calendar to make your necessary calls. Only cancel this block of time if it is truly necessary, and never cancel without first scheduling a new block of time for your calls.

  1. Put the completed worksheet somewhere you’ll see it everyday

We get what we focus on, so make sure you’re focusing on the result you want. Placing the worksheet on your desk or by your bed will be a consistent reminder of what you need to be doing in order to accomplish your goal. Spend time everyday focusing on what you need to accomplish and visualizing your success.




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