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Carlos Nouche

Georgia, USA

Carlos has 25 years of experience in the enterprise software industry, including sales, service, business development, creation of partner alliances and business operations. He’s advised companies including Comcast, NCR, Sumo Logic, ServiceNow, and VMware.

A native of Queens, NY, now based in Atlanta, Carlos rebuilt the sales and services organization for Amdocs Customer Management. He was an integral member of the leadership team responsible for the successful turnaround of his business unit, growing sales by more than 250 percent. After taking responsibility for the customer management services business, he successfully leveraged ValueSelling to increase services sales. He was able to grow services revenue by nearly 80 percent and deliver profit margin increase of 43 percent.

Previously, he worked at Clarify Inc. and Nortel where he set records for driving growth in sales. He successfully established channel sales as a revenue source, resulting in multi-million dollar sales growth. In addition to many successful sales campaigns, he assisted in the creation of the financial services vertical and was integral in the migration of the sales team to Amdocs.

Carlos is a co-host of the B2B Revenue Executive Experience podcast, which is a valuable resource for executives seeking to train their sales and marketing teams to achieve growth. The podcast provides practical insights and techniques to help businesses boost margins, expand market share, empower teams to compete based on value, hire new staff, and stay ahead of the latest sales and marketing developments. Each episode features an in-depth conversation with an expert, covering a range of topics including ValueSelling, B2B sales, sales performance, marketing enablement, revenue growth, margin improvement, and sales strategy.

Carlos holds a BS in Accounting from Florida State University.

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In His Words

We might never guess that… “I spoke Spanish before I learned English.”

First paying job? “At a car wash when I was 15 and living in Florida.”

Personal motto? “Blame no one, expect nothing, and do something.”

Best journey taken? “Spain, in 1998. Visiting my grandmother and extended family. It’d been nearly 15 years since I’d been there and they treated me like a long lost son. It was incredible having dinner at midnight with 15 cousins on the eve of boarding the plane to head home.”