Our Team

George Kavanagh

New York, USA

George Kavanagh

New York, USA

George began facilitating the ValueSelling Framework® in 1996 and has trained more than 14,000 people at more than 100 companies, including Google, Autodesk, ABB, Alere, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Mentor Graphics.

He was a senior executive for a division of Harris Corporation, where he successfully implemented the ValueSelling model, increasing sales by more than 35 percent. George achieved top revenue producer honors as a salesman, district and regional manager and as vice president of domestic sales. In 1993 he was promoted to vice president of worldwide sales and European operations.

He held P&L responsibility for the organization with marketing and direct sales based in the United Kingdom, with subsidiaries in France, Germany, Italy and Sweden, and he built an indirect channel that included Value Added Resellers in 16 countries.

In His Words

Favorite airport? “Shannon, Ireland. It signals that I’ll be playing a round of golf at Ballybunion within an hour and half — and enjoying a Guinness within five.”

First thing you sold? “At age 11, I sold candy bars to help fund my ice hockey tournaments in my hometown of Rochester, NY.”

Community involvement? “Sponsored our house for historic home tour to raise money for Smith College for underprivileged students and financial supporter of the Special Olympics.”

Favorite journey taken? “The four years my family and I had living in England in the 1990s.”

Proud career moment? “Being promoted to VP of Sales at age 29 and being one of the youngest VP’s in a $3 Billion company.”