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Through the implementation of the ValueSelling Framework®, Visualize has empowered global clients to make lasting changes in their organizations resulting in what CEOs value most — measurable top-line growth. When embraced throughout the organization, ValueSelling creates an environment in which sales, marketing, partners, professional services and the executive team are all reading from the same playbook, driving to a single vision. Throughout the years we have helped numerous clients gain alignment and achieve enviable results.

Business Issues: Grow revenue; change deal size and focus

Key Challenges: Revenues of $70 Million with ACV of $2,500, well below targets; Sales professional productivity was declining to $90K per month

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Business Issues: Difficulty gaining access to decision makers; elongated sales cycles and lowered ASP; higher-quality leads and more effective prospecting needed

Key Challenges: Lack of consistent processes, training and tools; lack of necessary qualifying skills throughout sales organization; sales not consistently gaining access to decision makers

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Business Issues: Grow revenue; impact margin

Key Challenges: Move from IT-centric product sales to business partner to line of business; 70% of revenues generated through partners; ramping up channel partners successfully

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Business Issues: Continue impressive growth rate; reduce cost of sales

Key Challenges: Uneducated prospects in emerging market; lengthy sales cycles with extensive justification required; poor differentiation of products; difficulty in making products personally relevant to buyers

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Business Issues: Due to pressure from Board of Directors and threat of closing the business, there was an urgency to grow revenue quickly; increase deal size; reduce cost of sales

Key Challenges: Lengthy sales cycles; inaccurate forecasting; incorrect positioning of solution limited potential and deal size; Sales lacked skills to uncover business issues

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Business Issues: Grow revenue; drive predictability required as a newly public company

Key Challenges: Sales did not understand steps within a deal; Sales not effectively articulating compelling business reasons to buy; Sales not articulating key business driver

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Business Issues: Grow revenue; impact margin

Key Challenges: Move from IT-centric product sales to business partner to line of business; 70% of revenues generated through partners; value alignment across entire organization

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Business Issues: Grow revenue; increase Revenue Per Unit in Wireless Business Solutions

Key Challenges: Sales professionals were selling based on price – “churn and burn” behavior; sales professionals were not engaged in business dialog, instead were acting as commodity providers; no value alignment across entire organization

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Business Issues: Clients scaling back hiring due to recession; resumes flooding into client companies directly

Key Challenges: Employers cutting costs; reducing – or eliminating – hiring; recessionary environment; record unemployment

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Business Issues: Grow revenue; proactively manage cost of sales

Key Challenges: Sales professionals found it difficult to differentiate solutions resulting in discounted pricing to close deals; sales professionals were selling only to the small and mid-size business segment

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Business Issues: Identifying real opportunities early on in the sales process, trouble scaling the sales team

Key Challenges: Lack of consistent processes, training and tools. Lack of differentiation in an ultra competitive marketplace.

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Business Issues: Revenue growth, Selling larger deals to larger customers

Key Challenges: Inaccurate forecasting. Conversations with prospects focused only on the product and features. Lack of collaboration across teams.

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Business Issues: Increase subscription revenues by 100%

Key Challenges: Lower than expected average contract values.Long new hire ramp up time.

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Business Issues: Grow revenue and market share at all costs while successfully scaling business

Key Challenges: Reps did not focus on value. Low contact.

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Business Issues: Increase renewals among current customers. Win new deals.

Key Challenges: Trouble uncovering key business challenges faced by prospects. Creation of Mutual Plans that mapped a detailed process of rolling out solutions.

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Core BTS


Business Issues: Increase profitability through more refined services offerings and better execution.

Key Challenges: Weak value proposition, inconsistent qualification, and ineffective differentiation.

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Business Issues: As the traditional Virtualizations Market was becoming saturated, VMware knew as an $5.21 Billion company, they must pivot to new revenue streams based on new solutions.

Key Challenges: Long ramp time for new hires, and lack of consistent processes, training and tools,

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