Client Success - Core BTS


Core BTS is a technology consulting organization focused on helping customers with IT services design, implementation and support.

Business Issues

  • Increase profitability through more refined services offerings and better execution

Visualize Solution

  • ValueSelling Framework introduction to the entire management team
  • Workshops delivered to the all sales professionals and specialists
  • Help developing purposeful differentiation through problem alignment
  • Custom case studies


  • Weak Value Proposition
  • Inconsistent Qualification
  • Ineffective Differentiation
  • Lack of sales structure
  • Limited replication of success


Core BTS achieved the following:

  • Business has grown 8-10% YOY, where industry standards are less than 5%
  • A cultural shift to sell differently, focusing on articulating value rather than selling products
  • Increased access to higher level conversations

With a declining hardware market, shrinking margins, and a sales organization challenged to understand the business issues facing their prospects, Core BTS realized they needed to utilize a common framework to achieve their goals. The introduction of ValueSelling lead to major changes in their day-to-day selling motions, including constant coaching from managers, and integration of the framework into enablement materials. With the sales team becoming more successful at uncovering business issues, and focusing on articulating value to their customers, the results have been significant for Core BTS.

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Phone: +1-248-593-5455 or
+1-888-88-GOALS (46257)

Mail: Visualize Headquarters,
452 Bonnie Briar, Suite 100,
Birmingham, MI 48009


“I’m most appreciative, and noticed as much as anything else, after engagement is over, the whole Visualize team continue to check in and support us, and even volunteered to sit in on some calls.”
Greg Buchholz, Founder and CEO of SpringCM