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Interwoven (now a part of HP’s Autonomy) is a global leader in content management solutions. Interwoven’s software and services enable organizations to maximize online business performance and organize, find, and govern business content.

Business Issues

  • Difficulty gaining access to decision makers
  • Elongated sales cycles and lowered ASP
  • Higher-quality leads and more effective prospecting needed


  • Lack of consistent processes, training and tools
  • Lack of necessary qualifying skills throughout sales organization
  • Sales professionals not consistently gaining access to decision makers and when they did, dialogue was not meaningful

Visualize Solution

  • ValueSelling training began in Marketing and was so successful it was adopted by Sales
  • Interwoven completely integrated the process and created PlayBooks for teams
  • Integrated process within company’s CRM tool 


Interwoven’s global sales force achieved the following:

  • Revenues increased an average of 18% (YoY) in each of the three quarters following ValueSelling training
  • General business acumen went from 3.31 to 3.73 (On a 1 to 5 scale)
  • ROI acumen went from 3.11 to 3.23
  • Financial acumen went from 2.91 to 3.12
  • ASP increased 29.97% in 3Q
  • ASP increased 84.4% in 2Q

Before ValueSelling was ever implemented, Interwoven’s sales team was undergoing rigorous analysis to determine how sales success could be increased. Under scrutiny were training, programs and tools. Enter Visualize and ValueSelling who helped Interwoven’s sale professionals uncover critical challenges faced by customers. Sales learned how to link Interwoven’s solutions to their customers’ problems, to articulate the business and personal value of working with Interwoven, and deliver interactive conversations and methodology that compelled their clients to act.

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“I’m most appreciative, and noticed as much as anything else, after engagement is over, the whole Visualize team continue to check in and support us, and even volunteered to sit in on some calls.”
Greg Buchholz, Founder and CEO of SpringCM