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Ooyala provides online video technology products and services. Their products are currently used by over 500 companies, including ESPN, NBCUniversal, Mashable, and The Weather Channel.

Business Issues

  • Revenue growth
  • Selling larger deals to larger customers

Visualize Solution

  • Onsite ValueSelling Workshops targeted at training AEs and Sales Management
  • A monthly webinar series was utilized to dig deeper into key areas of ValueSelling and provide consistent reinforcement
  • Inclusion of ValueSelling in new hire orientation, not only for the sales team but company wide
  • Integration with the customer’s CRM


  • Inaccurate forecasting
  • Conversations with prospects focused only on the product and features
  • Lack of collaboration across teams
  • Lack of ability to keep metrics for accountability


Ooyala achieved the following:

  • 15% more qualified leads in the pipeline, leading to freeing up significant amounts of deals time
  • Exceeded increase of revenue goal
  • An increased sense of company culture and cross team collaboration
  • Increase in confidence among the team to close large, complex deals that would have been a struggle otherwise

Throughout the ValueSelling implementation, Ooyala saw a transformation occur throughout the entire company. The teams were able to collaborate with one another to build products that allowed Ooyala to lead on the solution side. As the plan was further adopted, the sales team learned how to uncover the value that Ooyala is able to provide through solving customers’ key business issues. Overall, the methodology gave Ooyala a common platform to speak across the sales teams and played a big role in onboarding/merging new businesses.

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“Because of the sessions, 3 of my priority deals were moved forward. I also kicked off 2 new projects and was able to tie business issues to procedural problems, both at very large accounts.

I think my attendance alone could potentially more than pay for the entire session last week. ..and I’m not kidding.”
Luke AbernethyVaronis