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SuccessFactors is an American multinational SaaS company focused on Performance and HR management.

Business Issues

  • Grow revenue and market share at all costs while successfully scaling business

Visualize Solution

  • ValueSelling workshops delivered to all new hires to ensure the process is part of company DNA
  • Custom case studies


  • Reps did not focus on value
  • Low contact
  • Demo to win


While growing from 9 reps to 100+ reps, SuccessFactors achieved the following:

  • $42K ASP Enterprise ACV (annual contract value) to $200K ACV + 1M+ deals/qtr
  • New pipeline growth quarter over quarter
  • Average Rep productivity – $800K – $1.05M – $1.25M – $1.4M
  • Increasing forecast accuracy

With the challenging objective of growing revenue and market share while successfully scaling the business, SuccessFactors knew that utilizing a common framework would be essential. The introduction of ValueSelling resulted in reps improving their ability to focus on value and increase contact. Over a four year period, SuccessFactors grew from 9 reps to over 100. Utilizing a common framework was key in making sure everyone was speaking the same language.

“Biggest Impact from ValueSelling and Visualize while increasing forecast accuracy average Enterprise Deal size of $42K to $160K in one year! (280%)”
– Dave Yarnold, SVP

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Phone: +1-248-593-5455 or
+1-888-88-GOALS (46257)

Mail: Visualize Headquarters,
452 Bonnie Briar, Suite 100,
Birmingham, MI 48009


“I witnessed a dramatic shift for the positive. Our SE was outstanding in probing for the business and personal value. What was thought of as a kicking the tires assessment is now identified as a true Q3 opportunity.

The training works and it adds immense value to our teams.”
Nik LinehanVaronis