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VMware is a global leader cloud infrastructure and business mobility. The company provides cloud and virtualization software and services that enable enterprises to master a software-defined approach to business and IT.

Business Issues

  • As the traditional Virtualizations Market was becoming saturated, VMware knew as an $5.21 Billion company, they must pivot to new revenue streams based on new solutions.
  • Limited ability to replicate success, especially in non-core products

Visualize Solution

  • The ValueSelling Framework for sales, marketing and specialist delivered to all new hires, ensuring the process is part of company culture, and that learning paths for reps were clear
  • Holistic integration across sales, marketing and support leveraging CRM integration to create sales optimization
  • Ongoing coaching through scheduled cadences


  • The sales teams were struggling to move from product sellers to selling integrated solutions.
  • Lack of consistent processes, training and tools
  • Long ramp time for new hires
  • Poor qualification was requiring an inflated pipeline


VMware achieved the following:

  • Largest deal closure in company history within the first full year of ValueSelling implementation
  • Shorten deal cycle times by 43%
  • Increased deal size 2.5X
  • Cut average ramp time by more than 35%
  • 16% increase in total revenue growth.

With the critical business issue of improving seller productivity, VMware knew that not only would the company need to significantly cut ramp time for new hires, but also increase deal size qualification. The introduction of ValueSelling resulted in a centered approach and common framework for deals, standardizing operations. The increased focus on selling value lead to much stronger qualification and better forecast accuracy.

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I would attribute a lot of our success as a company to the ValueSelling Methodology. It helps us craft the right message without gaps.
Rob Wiens, Managing Director, Sequoia Enterprise Solutions