Coaching ValueSelling for Managers

This workshop is designed specifically to improve forecasting, ensure first-level managers are developing their sales leaders and teams, improve new representative’s ramp-up time, and implement revenue-increasing initiatives effectively and consistently.

For: Sales Management, Enablement

Learn To:

Leverage your forecast
Achieve valuable business outcomes from your forecast
Help leaders improve their team’s ability to have successful customer-facing conversations
Develop productive, constructive feedback to reinforce the ValueSelling muscle in the sales team

Workshop highlights

“First of all, let me just say, what a great training! I have been through many trainings throughout my career (sssh, don’t tell how old I am!), at Cisco Systems, Salesforce and companies in between. FINALLY, a methodology that totally makes sense and a framework simple to follow and repeatable.” ”

Suzanne Schenone

Customer Service Solution Sales Manager , ServiceNow