We’ve spoken to many alumni after they’ve participated in our training sessions to gain insights on how they have implemented the Methodology. We love to hear about what aspect they have used to close deals. In one of our conversations, with Harlan Blumenthal, we discussed the implementation of a Mutual Close Plan and how he incorporated this into his sales process and closed a $3.95M deal!

How did this work, you ask?

Harlan sent this dynamic close plan to his Internal Champion within the client every week asking them to agree/disagree with the plan, and to provide additional feedback on the jointly proposed action items. Harlan felt this was a key element in helping to keep the deal on track and ensure both he and the client were held accountable for seeing the deal executed in the time frame determined. This helped maintain an effective VisionMatch.

One of the main challenges of a sales representative when sending over a plan is feeling comfortable the client is paying attention to the plan. Harlan was clever, he would input some type of action, which had nothing to do with the deal like: “Go drinking after deal closes”!

Harlan created a simple Word document consisting of a single page of actionable items. He continued to reiterate what he had been told by the client, again reinforcing their VisionMatch. He also advised the client pricing would expire at the end of the quarter.

According to Harlan:

“Candidly, if I hadn’t gone through ValueSelling earlier this year, I most likely wouldn’t have dedicated the time and effort to put this plan together…which probably only took a whole 30 minutes!”

Nice job Harlan!

To further drive home this successful close plan, Harlan followed the same methodology with this exact client six months later to capture another $2.3M worth of business.

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