This self-paced, four-hour online course prepares the sales executive for a business conversation with all levels of leadership in an organization, especially the top decision-maker. eExecutive ValueSelling helps build a base of business acumen to provide the knowledge and confidence needed to successfully engage in business-level conversations.

For: Sales, Sales Management

Learn To:

Develop confidence in conducting a business-level conversation
Improve business acumen and leverage that knowledge in an effective sales call
Move to a new level of selling by being able to apply this process for consistent access to executives

Workshop highlights

  • Learn the fundamental principles of the ValueSelling Framework to motivate people to buy
  • Locate company and non-company resources for your research
  • Use industry resources to answer specific questions about your prospects’ company and industry
  • Develop a basic business vocabulary and learn to analyze financial reports
  • Learn to sustain a business-level conversation that includes establishing a link between the analysis of your prospect’s business and the business value your products deliver

“Upon returning home, on my first call, I followed the BV process to a T…and it worked! For me…the most critical component is cleaning the plate as it forces me to stop and listen…as often times I find myself wanting to ‘show’ prospects which prevents learning. I was simply amazed at how easy it was.”

John Ashby

Performance Analytics Advisory Solution Architect, ServiceNow