Executive Access

This course focuses on gaining access to the true decision-maker. It leverages the ValueSelling process to get the appointment or introduction, become more effective during the meeting, communicate in that executive’s own terminology, develop his or her motivation to get involved, establish credibility, and maintain access throughout the sales cycle.

For: Sales, Sales Management

Learn To:

Call effectively at senior management levels in your customer’s organization
Motivate your executive prospects to elevate your solution to the top of their agenda
Drive the sales cycle rather than respond to the buying cycle
Decrease the percentage of “no-decisions” that consume 40% of most selling cycles

Workshop highlights

  • Learn proven techniques to get the attention of the decision-maker and how to get the appointment at the top
  • Learn how to target the ValuePrompter™, which links your customer’s business requirements to your unique capabilities
  • Apply the process with a case study customized for the audience
  • Leverage your action plan to verify the decision to invest in your solution and to maintain your access to the sale
  • Practical implementation and reinforcement activities, such as goal setting, account targeting, and measurement

“The ValueSelling Framework is now the foundation to my team’s approach, and we have found the principles to be true enough to apply in many situations. We now have a repeatable, efficient, and successful way to manage and close deals.”

Scott Jorgensen

Innovation executive, salesforce.com