Executive Alignment

This interactive day-and-a-half session is designed to be the catalyst to bring the executive team in alignment around the ValueSelling Framework and process. It raises visibility and awareness around the intersection of the framework into the various disciplines and roles in an organization. The executive team will walk away with an understanding of the broader linkage beyond just “sales selling value.”

For: Sales Management, Enablement

Learn To:

Collaborate on how the value Framework works with all roles from engineering through to renewal

Incorporate the Framework into value engineering, messaging and cross functional teaming 

Ensure the institutionalization of ValueSelling

Integrate the Framework in the hand-off process through the lifecycle journey

Workshop highlights

  • Learn proven techniques to get the attention of the decision-maker and how to get the appointment at the top
  • Learn how to target the ValuePrompter™, which links your customer’s business requirements to your unique capabilities
  • Apply the process with a case study customized for the audience
  • Leverage your action plan to verify the decision to invest in your solution and maintain your access to the high-level sale
  • Practical implementation and reinforcement activities, such as goal setting, account targeting, and measurement

“As a precursor to our deployment of the ValueSelling Framework to various roles in our organization, I had my executive leadership team participate in an alignment session with Visualize. For each leadership role, we inspected value articulation through the eyes of our clients. Using ValuePrompters, we discovered how each discipline supports the collective whole of our executive team and entire organization. We collaborated to build a thorough plan for each discipline along with several strategies and systems that have paid dividends already. I highly recommend this workshop to any company that wants to gain alignment across the whole leadership function as well as illuminate that selling value is not just a sales focused priority, but something the whole company supports collectively.”

Joel Hackney