Gaining executive access


Making an effective sales call on a senior executive is often critical to our success. Whether it’s on the phone or in the office or at the club, connecting with a key executive is important to expediting the sales process. The impact to you when you gain and maintain executive access includes:

•    increasing the size of the opportunity
•    identify additional future opportunities
•    shortening the sales cycle
•    deepening the strategic relationship
•    locking out the competition

Key to successfully gaining and maintaining executive access is making a good first impression and being prepared to execute well when making an executive sales call. Following are some tips to guide you through the executive call.

Be Prepared – Do Your Homework. First, do your research and develop business acumen and savvy. Not only does this mean knowing the industry and the company you wish to approach, but knowing as much as you can about the executive.

Establish Credibility. Doing solid research shows you know the executive and the world he or she operates in. How you present yourself also helps establish that you are worth an executive’s limited time.

Provide Powerful Reference Stories. Another great way to establish credibility and build rapport is through a quick story about a past success, rather than immediately launching into your pitch or prepared questions.

Differentiate Yourself. In addition to referencing a past success through a compelling story, you can distinguish yourself from competitors through your professionalism, preparation and how well you conduct yourself after the call.

Bring Ideas. Once there’s agreement on the issues the company is facing, you can now bring relevant solutions to the table. This opens the way to being that collaborative person and having the executive understand how you and your solution adds value.

Carlos has 25 years of experience in the enterprise software industry, including sales, service, business development, creation of partner alliances and business operations. He’s advised companies including Comcast, NCR, Sumo Logic, ServiceNow, and VMware.