Happy Ears


How many times have you translated positive feedback into a buying sign and convinced yourself that you are in a favorable situation only to find out later that you were wrong or maybe just overly optimistic?  Guilty!

Maybe during that initial discussion, the prospect indicated that you were identified based on a unique capability they required… and then, they set the pace and the rules sending you to prepare a proposal, statement of work, bill of materials or something else.

Hitting the pause button at this stage is a buzzkill – sorry 😐. But, it’s necessary, forcing you to inspect what is really happening.

Here’s a simple checklist to bring you peace of mind and justify your optimism:

  1. Does your offering contribute to an identified priority for the key stakeholder?
  2. Does the key stakeholder acknowledge that your offering is differentiated or better than other alternatives?
  3. Does the math work, meaning: Is there a business case that predicts greater value vs. cost?
  4. Do we have access to the economic buyer/decision maker?
  5. Is there a mutual plan in place that ends with customer outcome?

Being confident and positive in our business is essential. Being thorough so that we maximize our time is also essential.  Increasing our odds of winning by knowing will guarantee greater success.

Good Selling!

As a Vice President of Visualize, Gerard helps organizations improve business metrics by creating a better connection with their customer’s definition of value. He is focused on refining his client’s selling approach & their ability to differentiate – to drive increased revenues, market share and profitability.