How Can I Build Up My Credibility When I’m New on the Job?


This is a common question we’re asked by new reps during the ramp-up period. It’s clear that credibility, and the ability to position your value, begin with providing value-based reference stories. So, what if you’re brand new and don’t have any personal reference stories?

Most likely, your prospect is going to be interested in what kinds of value they can expect from your company and solution. Although you don’t have personal reference stories to share, you can gather some great ones through a little bit of research and networking with your co-workers.

Remember, you should source stories that show clear, measurable value – ideally for a client in the same industry or space as your prospect.

Key data points that are components of winning reference stories include:

  • Who bought – use the title and role
  • What was going on in the business that created urgency? In other words, the Business Issue (BI) the company was facing. The closer you can get to the exact BI of your prospect, the better
  • What were the underlying challenges addressed? What were the Problems they were facing? You’ll want to specifically highlight those which differentiate you from your competition.
  • And finally, what happened? What were the measurable results/outcomes? What Value was achieved?

Be sure to read up on the background of the referenced account/department/industry. Your prospect may ask a few more questions such as how did you do it, and you’ll want to be ready.

Reference stories don’t have to be yours alone in order to be effective.

Think of yourself as a reporter, reporting the facts about a great situation your company was a part of.

Carlos has 25 years of experience in the enterprise software industry, including sales, service, business development, creation of partner alliances and business operations. He’s advised companies including Comcast, NCR, Sumo Logic, ServiceNow, and VMware.