I Will Not Say "Please!"


Now that Q1 is in the rearview mirror let’s think about deals currently in our funnel or perhaps one that might have slipped so that we are better prepared as we move them through stages toward commit. We believe that it will be useful to focus on how to effectively position and set up your meetings this month to ensure a successful Q2 and 2016.

We have all been there, we’ve built a compelling business case, aligned the key decision makers and collaborated on a strong proposal that represents a mutual win.  Today is the day… we’ve planned, discussed and stressed about it.  We’ve triangulated with our customer Coach and others – now it’s time to execute.

This may sound a bit odd, but hear me out: “I refuse to say ‘please’ for an order” – It’s not a matter of being discourteous or impolite…it is business.  If I have done my job, I won’t need to ask for a favor.  So, what does our preparation look like?

At this critical juncture, it is essential that we validate that there is a common understanding of the critical business driver for the Key Stakeholder.  In other words, what does he/she have to achieve that is specific and measureable.  Next, we must confirm that our solution, uniquely, addresses an obstacle and that stands in the path of that business driver, cementing our Differentiated Value.  If these hurdles are cleared, your next move is to verify that we have built a consensus with everyone who can say “yes” or “no.” This will advance you to your next move. Lastly, do we have a written mutual plan in place that ends with the key stakeholder realizing the identified value (ROI) and resolution of the critical business issue/driver?

Sounds like a lot to cover?  I agree, so here is our best advice.  Test the deal in month 1, and again in month 2, of Q2 – If you’ve covered the elements above, you’re on your way. If they don’t pass the test, it’s time to get busy.

Good Selling!

As a Vice President of Visualize, Gerard helps organizations improve business metrics by creating a better connection with their customer’s definition of value. He is focused on refining his client’s selling approach & their ability to differentiate – to drive increased revenues, market share and profitability.