Introduction to ValueSelling for Channel Partners

This workshop is designed to extend the ValueSelling principles of the organization to your channel partners, improving their ability to qualify and execute sales campaigns. Introduction to ValueSelling for Channel Partners leverages the ValueSelling Framework® as a process for developing and coaching partners to faster revenue achievement.

For: Sales Management, Channel Management, Other

Learn To:

Develop a partner-specific program via ValueSelling to drive incremental revenue through the partner channel
Develop and execute their partner ecosystem strategy
Increase the ability and investment allocation to their specific channel program
Create the combined value proposition for the OEM and the targeted partner

Workshop highlights

  • How to initially sell a potential target partner in committing or investing in the partnership
  • Who buys these solution sets and why?
  • What are the critical business issues/drivers for the buyers?
  • What are their challenges by role?
  • What are the Top 3 differentiated problems we address with our solution?
  • How do we engage? What questions should we ask?

“Putting the ValueSelling methodology into practice has been instrumental in our regions past and ongoing success, and has definitely enabled my career progression.”

Ryan Johnson

Sales Engineering Manager, Sumo Logic