Leveraging Technology – Our New Normal


Last week’s activities for me included several virtual meetings and a training workshop for (27) new associates, scattered across Asia, working from home. Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) has been a reasonable option for a very long time; however, our current circumstances have made it Option A. When you, inevitably, find yourself in a similar place, here are a few tips to improve the impact of those events for your audiences:

  1. Be an expert on the tech: You must know how to use your chosen platform to interact with your audience, i.e., creating polling questions, establishing breakout rooms, annotation and use of embedded and live video
  2. Be organized: The level of difficulty is higher and therefore, be practiced and ready – Anticipate that something will go sideways
  3. Narrow your focus: Create smaller chunks of content inside a 90 minute window – Attention spans are shortened and likelihood of distraction is higher
  4. Use of images: Wordy slides are not effective
  5. Ensure audience activity: Engaging participants in exercises every 5 to 10 minutes will improve attention and retention
  6. Set expectations: It is my experience that operating in a virtual environment is harder for both teacher and student – Your audience must know that their participation is critical
  7. Make it fun: People learn more when they’re laughing

In 1979 the NBA tested the use of the 3-point line. As you might imagine, early on, players and coaches were uncertain how this adjustment would impact the game. 5 years after its introduction, teams were taking an average of 2.4 3-point attempts per game. During the 2018-2019 regular season, attempts increased to almost 30 per game [10X] and NBA shooters made 27,955 3-point shots. That’s more than they made during the entire 1980s (23,871). My point is that we will adjust to our new normal and get very good, very fast because the rules have dire consequences and it’s not a game. Keep the faith that we will overcome our current challenge and emerge smarter, stronger and even more resilient.

My Predictions:

Colleges will consolidate, improve curriculum and expand enrollment using distance learning

New tech will bring us closer as we adapt to engaging virtually for both business and personal – e.g., We’ll be enjoying zoom Happy Hours long after COVID-19

Our dogs will need therapy when everyone goes back to work😊

Let’s get back to work 👊🏻

Be safe – Stay home!

As a Vice President of Visualize, Gerard helps organizations improve business metrics by creating a better connection with their customer’s definition of value. He is focused on refining his client’s selling approach & their ability to differentiate – to drive increased revenues, market share and profitability.