Play Ball


Now that baseball is in ‘full swing’ perhaps we can look to our nation’s pastime for some perspective on our sport – sales. In a sport where statistics run rampant there are a few traditional stats that can provide lessons for us all.

Case in point: One of the baselines for players to be considered an above average hitter is the .300 mark. While those who hit .250 are considered average, at best. So what is the difference between a .300 hitter and a .250 hitter for everyday players? Beside possible millions in salary increases over the years… it is one hit per week over the course of the season. Let me say that again – one hit per week. A bloop single, a seeing-eye double, the slow roller up the 3rd baseline… I think you get the picture.

So, how does that translate to sales? How can you be impacted if you close one more deal a quarter, a month or a week? Are you putting in play the ValueSelling best practices? Are you seeding differentiation by asking the right problem probing questions? Are you asking for Personal Value? Are you building out mutual plans that go beyond contract sign? Have you connected to your prospect’s primary Business Issue?

There are so many subtle things that can be overlooked when you are in a pursuit but each of these can make a huge difference over the course of “our season.”  So, take a moment to calculate what that one extra deal could mean for you… it could be a home run!

David is an accomplished ValueSelling Facilitator, Coach, and Practitioner with over 25 years of applied ValueSelling experience. He leverages his leadership experience by guiding sales professionals to become more effective, efficient, and relevant.