The B2B Revenue Executive Experience

The B2B Revenue Executive Experience podcast is hosted by Carlos Nouche and Lisa Schnare. It’s designed to assist executives in training their sales and marketing teams to boost growth. It offers practical insights and techniques to achieve goals such as boosting margins, expanding market share, empowering teams to compete based on value, hiring new staff, and staying ahead of latest sales and marketing developments. Each episode features a conversation with an expert, covering subjects such as ValueSelling, B2B sales, sales performance, marketing enablement, revenue growth, margin improvement, sales strategy and more.

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Founded in 2002, Visualize is the global leader in implementing the ValueSelling Framework, a formula-based sales process with decades of proven results in helping teams market, message, engage, qualify, advance, and close opportunities. Our holistic approach engages the entire enterprise in creating and sustaining a strong culture—one rooted in customer impact through consistent processes, tools, coaching, and goal-setting.