Quarterly Business Review

This workshop provides a ValueSelling refresher opportunity for a team or business unit. Its structure is highly customizable to a specific business unit, branch, region or geography, and is coordinated with key input from management team members. Our Quarterly Business Review workshop provides a concise, focused, and time-efficient solution to regrouping on your quarterly business as it relates to ValueSelling, the ValuePrompter®, and the Qualified Prospect (QP) Formula®.

For: Sales, Sales Management, Enablement

Learn To:

Uncover what’s working (and not) with current opportunities to better inform and foreshadow pipeline success
Review forecast details with a lens towards lost or slipped deals to help triage a plan for changed behavior
Utilize the ValuePrompter to analyze what’s known and unknown with deal stakeholders to move deals towards closing

Workshop highlights

  • Team review of ValueSelling principles and structure
  • Differentiation and Creating Need exercises
  • Understanding the ValuePrompter® qualification method
  • Deal qualification leveraging the QP Formula®
  • Open discussion on planning and structuring quarterly business
  • Win/Loss discussion utilizing the ValuePrompter® and QP Formula®

“As for ValueSelling, I most certainly leverage the knowledge you taught me. Not a day goes by (almost), where I’m not using it on the job, especially – “what’s the value?” and “what’s in it for them?”. Your stuff was some of the best sales training I’ve received in my career.”

Jack Fine

SE Director, VMware