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Using a ValuePrompter® for Driving Sales 192 downloads September 22, 2022

This extended version of the ValuePrompter® provides a template on how to extend the probing questions for a given product or solution. It provides some example questions to assist is setting up true differentiation. This resource is password protected. The required password and instructions for download...

Simple Pre-Proposal Review / Coaches Deck with Multiple B.I. 229 downloads September 22, 2022

This is a coaches deck or pre-proposal review which you should provide to your coach or key player in your campaign. It should help provide your coach or champion a tool they can use to sell internally for you. You should create this content from your ValuePrompter and put it into your prospect or customers's...

Sample Mutual Success Plan 913 downloads September 22, 2022

A mutual plan is a simple but always evolving document updated and sent after each call which confirms your understanding with the prospect. This is not an implementation plan but it should start after the first call. It should summarize your meeting and your understanding of their business drivers,...

Request for Proposal (RFP) Response Letter 2 - No Bid Letter 197 downloads September 22, 2022

How to respond to a RFP or request for proposal. If we leverage the first response letter to gain access to the key executives or stakeholders and are denied, this is a follow up letter to politely say thank you but ensuring no time has been wasted chasing a deal with little likelihood of winning. This...

Personal Activity Planner 338 downloads September 22, 2022

The Personal Activity Planner is a tool that helps to answer how many calls per month you need to make in order to hit your target income. You can utilize this tool for personal goal setting. This resource is password protected. The required password and instructions for download can be found here....

Opportunity Assessment Guide - Forecasting Guide 389 downloads September 22, 2022

The Opportunity Assessment Guide analyzes the four key components of an opportunity to determine the likelihood that the customer will invest in your solution. This is the qualification of the Value Prompter for the key players in your opportunity. If one component is determined to be missing, or undeveloped...

A.I.M Letter Overview 309 downloads September 22, 2022

This provides an overview of the ValueSelling A.I.M letter process and how we can use multiple levers to draw a response from the customer. A.I.M. stands for Anxiety, Influence, and Motivation. We must try to maximize the impact of our written communication by leveraging these multiple 'buttons' to get...