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Avoiding the Trap of Overconfidence

Over my past 10 years of facilitating sales workshops around the world, I’ve noticed a pattern.  One in which some, if not most, sales professionals make statements such as, “I have been through something just like this before” or, “this is simply a refresher for me,...

The Power of Incremental Improvements

We at Visualize spend a lot of time working with individual contributors who have one major concern as it pertains to building a sustainable ‘practice.’ How do I improve every day and make my way towards becoming unconsciously competent? To translate, how do I build...

Are You Intentional with Your Deals?

Working with salespeople around the world, I often see well-meaning professionals who simply lack direction. Don’t get me wrong, their intentions are good and, in many cases, they work hard.  They prospect, pitch product, fulfill customer requests, create proposals...

Negotiation isn’t About Price…it’s About Value

When does negotiation start in an opportunity?  The most common response is “in procurement.”  Is that true?  How about “negotiation starts whenever something of value is requested”?  How about “negotiation starts at the beginning”? There are  hundreds of books on the...