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What We Ask Is Way More Important Than What We Say…

One of the attributes of highly successful sales professionals is that they ask more than they tell.  Telling is pitching, asking is teaching our clients that we’re the best solution for them because we’re solving their problems better than our competition. Another...

The Myth of The “Commodity”

The Myth of The “Commodity”

Many of us sell into markets where our customers work very hard to convince us that what we offer are commodities easily sourced from many sources.  They push this to get us to lower our prices. Don’t take the bait. We need to adopt the attitude that none of our...

The Importance of Listening to Learn in the Sales Cycle

The Importance of Listening to Learn in the Sales Cycle

One fundamental principle consistently emerging as a game-changer is the art of listening to learn. In the fast-paced world of sales, where the pressure to close deals is immense, it's easy to overlook this simple yet profound skill. In this article, I'll delve into...