Sales Leadership

This workshop provides managers with a foundation from which to assess the personality and needs of their team. It provides the attendee with an understanding of the type of individuals they are managing, and how to tailor guidance and instruction to those individuals. It also covers the insights to decipher what level of instruction is required based on the tasks of each rep, and how to recognize how much guidance should be applied.

For: Sales Management

Learn To:

Uncover the differences and how to leverage strengths/weaknesses of each team member
Use tools to understand a reps’ specific motivation and how to cultivate that motivation effectively
Gauge how much guidance and instruction is necessary based on a teams’ requirements
Gain insights on a reps ability for a given task, which may require varying levels of instruction

Workshop highlights

  • Managers will be better equipped to wrangle personalities different from their own
  • Managers will gain clarity on why certain individuals require more (or less) instruction, and the positive impact of applying the appropriate level of guidance 
  • Managers will understand why they’ve been struggling to connect with certain team members
  • Direct reports will recognize and appreciate the manager’s “new” personality in alignment with their needs

“I’ve had the great pleasure of working with the team at Visualize at multiple companies over the past few years, and it was therefore an easy decision to bring them in to help us train resources on value selling methodology here at ftrack as well. What stands out to me, beyond the highly pragmatic and results oriented approach, is the team’s ability to tailor and right-size the implementation of the methodology and tools to sales organisations of varying sizes. I also appreciate the professionalism and consistently high quality of the training sessions, which undoubtedly stems from solid preparation and alignment ahead of the sessions, and warmly recommend sales organisations of all sizes to engage the team.”

Oscar Wall

Chief Revenue Officer, ftrack