Territory Account Management

This workshop provides the details for effective territory management. Participants first establish a base of income, goal setting, close rates, and activity analysis. Workshop participants then review their territory and identify key accounts, partners, and strategy. Prioritization is evaluated based on criteria of the ideal customer/prospect and/or partner.

For: Sales, Sales Management

Learn To:

Apply effective ValueSelling techniques to maximize sales execution

Establish and review quarterly and annual plans

Create your “Patch/Territory/Geography” strategy

Determine the necessary activity required to generate the outcome related to the “Patch”

Workshop highlights

  • How will TAMs be doing territory planning? 
  • What is the current territory account plan? 
  • Is it being utilized? If so, how? 
  • What is the current review cycle and process for these plans?

“After completing the training, I realized that not only does price matter to the customer and the relationship you have with the customers, but customers truly buy on value. What value are you bringing to them to solve their problems? It also helped me become a more confident sales person, asking customers the right questions to help them realize their value, questions around business value, personal value, the problems they’re currently facing, and the solutions they’ve tried implementing before.”
Anisha Weimer

Strategic Account Manager, Bandwidth