“After completing the training, I realized that not only does price matter to the customer and the relationship you have with the customers, but customers truly buy on value. What value are you bringing to them to solve their problems? It also helped me become a more confident sales person, asking customers the right questions to help them realize their value, questions around business value, personal value, the problems they’re currently facing, and the solutions they’ve tried implementing before.”
Anisha Weimer

Strategic Account Manager, Bandwidth

“After utilizing the ValuePrompter…and then validating with my champion in the account, my champion came to me and said, “Your competitor has provided me a 50-page proposal that can’t communicate the value or the reason why we should purchase their solution. And in one page, you have provided me a tool to take to my executive team that completely justifies this $7M purchase. I wish more of our vendors would use this methodology.”

David Bradley

Director of Strategy U.S. Healthcare, VMware

“Having been trained in both the Challenger and ValueSelling, it became clear what was missing in the Challenger process. Having ideas around commercial insights and questions, ValueSelling provides the same guidance but gives the seller and a team a simple and powerful framework which enables the Challenger selling methodology. In two days, Visualize transformed our company by unifying us around an actual framework that everyone could understand and immediately leverage. ValueSelling serves as an effective enabler for the Challenger selling process, benefiting everyone in the company as well as our customers, by focusing efforts and energy where it matters”

Denny Roberge

VP Revenue Cycle Technology

“Visualize’s ValueSelling framework does not merely play a role in my work as a sales professional, it is the foundation! Thank you for developing such an impactful framework and continued success to you and the team! ”

Mark Deatherage

Outside Sales Director , ServiceSource

“Visualize’s ValueSelling framework does not merely play a role in my work as a sales professional, it is the foundation! Thank you for developing such an impactful framework and continued success to you and the team! ”

Rosie Rosales

Enterprise Sales (Financial services), Amazon Web Services

“Just wanted to thank you for the last 2 days of the workshop. Not only was it extremely engaging and informative, but you were personally a great guy to have as a teacher. I haven’t had many workshops like this in my young sales career, but you set the bar extremely high.”

Aaron Kronstat

Commercial Account Executive, Markforged

“I’ve been through 15 different SKO events in my career and every year there are 2-3 little nuggets I take away. This year I took away your Power/Budget/Timeline process and my forecasting improved drastically. It helped me understand just how serious my prospect was to move forward, who held the ultimate decision and how long it was going to take me to close the opportunity. The other was the Mutual Plan Letter. I typically ask questions like “Does that make sense?” or “do you have any questions?” which only elicit yes or no responses. So I changed them to ask problem/solution questions like “Does NOT having a solution like this create a security gap for you and if not, what do you have currently to solve this problem?” Completely changes the conversation!

Thank you for everything. I am sitting at 138% for the year. Keep up the good work!”

Sean Brockette

Director, TOLA Region, Attivo Networks

“I was introduced to value selling framework about 15 years ago by Scott Anschuetz when I worked at a company called Citrix Online. I continue to follow this methodology today to help me facilitate and manage the dialogue of a complex sale. Over the years, one of the most valuable tools that I’ve been able to use from the ValueSelling Framework is something that they call the Qualified Prospect Formula. This consists of four things: VisionMatch, Value, Power and Plan, and when you have those four elements, you’re on your way to closing. It’s helped me with my pipeline development, it’s greatly helped me with my closure rate and it’s also helped me with my forecasting ability.”

Kelly Noseworthy

Sales Representative - SaaS Division, Citrix Online

“ValueSelling training has actually been of great assistance to me, from succinctly identifying consumer painpoints and solutioning to being able to more comfortably navigate discussions with C suite executives, my soft skills have honestly benefited from it immensely.”
Joshua Brooks

Sales Development Representative, ServiceNow

“I think you will find it interesting to know that several years ago took your training class as part of mandated training when I was at Avaya. I was an SE at the time but after taking your class I could see that becoming a sales rep was something that I really wanted to pursue. I have been a sales account rep for the last 8 years and I have to say that I owe the last seven years of my career and the success that came with it all to your class. If I hadn’t of taken your Visualize ValueSelling class I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am not sure exactly where I want my career to go from here but I do feel that some day I would like to teach sales training to people and have an impact on their careers like you did on mine. Thanks again! ”

Eric Holowach

Account Executive, salesforce.com

“I am a firm believer in ValueSelling. Without demonstrating value to a Customer, why should they spend anything?”

Stephen Bartlett

Client Director, ServiceNow

” The value prompter and VisionMatch Differentiation are still tools I use daily. Since we met 11 years ago I have been provided with other sales training. I feel that the Visualize ValueSelling course was the best and made the biggest impact on me. thanks for reaching out.”

Stuart Reay

Commercial Sales, Kal Tire

“God, I just want to thank you. I truly need to thank you because you have completely changed my life. I’ll explain how. I came into your workshop, not sure what it was going to be or how it was going to work, but I could see myself using it and I started applying what you taught. I knew I could do it. I did it. I turned the corner. I sold the largest deal in the company. It put me in a position to go where I wanted to go—to open up our Sydney office. I needed the reputation capital to do it. Because of coming to your class, following what you did, and closing that deal, I came back to leadership and said, ‘I’m your guy.’ And they said, ‘Damn straight.’ So I got to move my family to Sydney”

Mark N.

Citrix Online

“I am really excited about my new role. Value Selling has been at the core of my previous job in Presales, and it will continue to be so in my new role. E.g., I will work with selected customers to eventually turn them into references for us, which means they must be successful with their implementations, which means they must have defined what success means for them upfront, which in turn means we must use ValueSelling from the very beginning of our sales cycle”

Ralf Schnell

Senior Platform Evangelist, ServiceNow