Top 5 Tips for Reinforcing ValueSelling – For Sales Leaders


Based on industry research and experience working with some of the largest sales organizations in the world, 80% of the success of a change management initiative around sales execution comes down the coaching of the first line sales leaders.  As it relates to ValueSelling specifically, 5 of the top reinforcement activities for sales leaders that will help maximize the impact of the investment are:

1. Review the Mutual Plan

Having the reps blind copy us on their summary emails back to the customer allows us to begin to see trends on areas they may still need some coaching in discovery planning and execution. Learn more about the Mutual Plan here.

2. Ask for the ValuePrompter when invited to a customer meeting

What better way to prepare for a meeting than knowing that individual’s ultimate goal, what problems do they see in accomplishing it, what’s their view of the solution, and what are the metrics with which they will measure success? Download a sample ValuePrompter here.

3. Use the Qualified Prospect Formula for opportunity assessment

Make asking the ValueSelling questions part of the process in every engagement.  Do not settle for the “I think” and “I believe” answers.  Work with the team to ask the questions that help you validate the facts of the known and unknown. Learn more about the Qualified Prospect Formula here.

4. Integrate ValueSelling into existing processes and tools

Embed the ValueSelling terminology, ValuePrompters, etc…, into internal discussions, QBR’s, CRM, sales process stages, and other internal processes.

5. Use dashboards to measure what matters

For any change management initiative to be successful, we must measure the indicators of success. Look for ValuePrompter attach rate, ASP/ACV, win rates, discount rates, sales velocity when ValuePrompters are present.

Implement these simple tactics to maximize the impact of ValueSelling within your organization.  Remember, 80% of the success of a change management initiative – like sales execution – comes down to the coaching at the first-line level.  Don’t forget to celebrate success…shine a spotlight on those who have been applying ValueSelling “in the field” and the outcomes it has generated!


As a Vice President of Visualize, Jason helps organizations improve business metrics by creating a better connection with their customer’s definition of value. Following a successful career in sales and sales leadership, Jason has rejoined Visualize and now focuses on refining his client’s selling approach to differentiate; to drive increased revenues, market share and profitability.