Value Engineering for Product Development

This one-day interactive course is designed to be a catalyst to bring product development teams in alignment with sales and marketing by leveraging the ValueSelling Framework®. Value Engineering for Product Development consists of several of the base ValueSelling modules and provides a foundation of understanding to bridge the communication gap between product development and marketing/sales efforts.

For: Marketing, Other

Learn To:

Create products and services targeted at the right buyers and their key buying issues
Identify key business issues, problems and value for target buyers, and create engaging questions
Create value in the mind of buyers at different levels in an organization and learn how to uncover them

Workshop highlights

  • Review the ValueSelling Framework® and establish the ValuePrompter® as the framework for need creation
  • Assess the current product development process to test process and content against what motivates a prospect to act
  • Learn the process of working backwards from your existing differentiators to the problems they solve
  • Role-play a scenario customized for your company’s unique capabilities and how to best leverage them in product development with the specific goal of defining new products
  • Define a process to insure the product development process provides the sales and marketing teams with clearly-defined ValueSelling-formatted unique capabilities—and the related problems they solve—as a normal part of all product launches

“I cannot tell you how much I learned from you and your process. It was so insightful and helped me connect a lot of dots.”

Michael Pinkowski

Senior Manager Sales Operations, Stericycle