ValueSelling Account Management

This two-day course is designed to accomplish two critical tasks: sharpen each participant’s business acumen through an improved understanding of key financial statements; and institute an account management process through the course workbook and associated templates. ValueSelling Account Management leverages the ValueSelling Framework through the use of a common set of terminology and tools, including the QP Formula® and ValuePrompter®.

For: Sales, Sales Management

Learn To:

Establish a base of business acumen to understand business opportunities and identify potential business issues
Develop account plans to track opportunities and coordinate sales resources
Assess current opportunities for gaps, and develop specific action plans to address

Workshop highlights

  • Examine the organizational structure of the account, key individuals, the reporting relationship between these key individuals, and the roles they play in your selling efforts
  • Understand the financial health of a company and uncover potential business issues that can be linked to your solution
  • Develop a list of your opportunities at a summary level and then analyze those key opportunities for product/services, timing, and required resources
  • Assess the status of opportunities that are currently underway to determine where “gaps” may lie, and then develop action plans to address any missing components

“After utilizing the ValuePrompter…and then validating with my champion in the account, my champion came to me and said, “Your competitor has provided me a 50-page proposal that can’t communicate the value or the reason why we should purchase their solution. And in one page, you have provided me a tool to take to my executive team that completely justifies this $7M purchase. I wish more of our vendors would use this methodology.”

David Bradley

Director of Strategy U.S. Healthcare, VMware