ValueSelling Alumnus Combines Aspects of ValueSelling Framework and Sandler Sales to Create Unique Methodology


We love hearing from our alums! Alumnus, Joe Rooney recently shared how he has used ValueSelling and other strategies to close complex deals.

Joe was introduced to ValueSelling after years of using Sandler Sales tactics and methodologies. Joe told us that very quickly after seeing value in the Framework, he began utilizing aspects of both methodologies, tailoring everything to meet his needs and develop his own specific approach.

As Joe established his selling team at a Silicon Valley startup, the ValuePrompter proved to be an especially useful tool for uniting the team for call planning, opportunity qualifying, building value, and differentiating from the competition. We asked Joe about some specific wins: “there have been times where the competition wanted the account bad enough to offer their solutions at no cost, but the ValueSelling framework helped my team establish enough value in the perception of the customer that lower cost solutions with similar features and benefits were less appealing.”

Joe also shared that he found the behavioral tactics of Sandler selling to be extremely helpful when used in conjunction with ValueSelling. He uses elements of Sandler to develop a muscle of engagement supporting the partnership he forms with customers that transcends the transaction—not unlike the professional partnership between doctor and patient, or client and attorney. The Framework compliments those strategies and acts as a roadmap and deal assessment tool, allowing Joe to take a quick look at a deal and determine what component is missing, and how it can be found to create a mutual benefit in the partnership.

Over an 18-month period, Joe and his team have excelled in bringing new logos to his company. They are undefeated in opportunities where a buying cycle is in progress and they have been able to demonstrate their product. There are many more open opportunities in the pipeline.

Joe also attributes a large amount of his winning to maturity and ability to see the bigger picture. What starts as a $100,000 or $150,000 opportunity can quickly turn into partnership with significant revenue for his company by exhibiting long term value early in the relationship. When first engaging Joe’s team, prospects may be looking for a tool, once the value in the solution is established, the perception of the solution being a just another tool dissipates. Uncovering and connecting to personal value for prospects has resulted in many Champions helping to sell internally and grow deal size and accelerate the team’s ability to deliver value.

Now that’s good selling!

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