ValueSelling Discovery

This one-day workshop is designed specifically to improve the creation of a Differentiated VisionMatch® within the sales cycle. ValueSelling Discovery provides sales professionals with a process to uncover the true objective of the engagement (Business Issue) and the underlining challenges (Problems) that must be addressed—along with the alignment of key requirements (Solution) to those challenges. The process develops the critical aspect of differentiation so that the prospect can distinguish your solution over the competition.

For: SEs / Pre-Sales, Sales, Sales Management

Learn To:

Uncover the core business issue per decision maker
Convert your solution strengths into problem-solving questions
Distinguish your solution over the competition

Workshop highlights

  • Review the ValueSelling process and establish the ValuePrompter® as the framework for discovery and requirements
  • What probing questions best differentiate your products and services
  • Proper alignment of solutions to problems
  • Using the ValueSelling Framework to document the findings and scope
  • How to demonstrate value in every presentation

“I have been using the 2-minute ValuePrompter assessment in every forecast call. In fact, we had a small, somewhat stale sales call last week that I replayed through the ValuePrompter. The ValuePrompter illuminated the line of questions that weren’t asked.”

Tony Logan

Commercial Director of Sales, ServiceNow