ValueSelling for Marketing Pros

Based on the ValueSelling Framework, ValueSelling for Marketing Pros provides a common language, set of principles, and marketing-specific practices to align across the revenue engine.

Today’s marketing executives are faced with supporting revenue growth by delivering a marketing-sourced/ influenced pipeline coupled with demands for increasing lead conversion velocity and a positive return on marketing investment.

Delivering on these demands isn’t easy when typical marketing teams are challenged with marketing and sales speaking different languages, product-focused (as opposed to customer-focused) revenue motions, marketers leading with product instead of customer objectives and problems, not uncovering customer pain and needs and instead marketing product capabilities. All this causes marketing to underperform expectations.

ValueSelling for Marketing Pros teaches marketing the same methodology as sales, but with additional tools, techniques, and concepts to apply ValueSelling to unique marketing activities.

For: Marketing

Learn To:

Identify buyers’ strategic/tactical problems that you can uniquely address

Flip the messaging from leading with product features to leading with solving our customers’ business problems and issues

Drive higher MQL conversations

Apply new skills and tactics directly to Marketing activities

Use ValueSelling grammar and techniques to better align Sales and Marketing

Develop assets to drive engagement

Workshop highlights

  • Create assets to motivate action throughout the buying journey
  • Develop value messages to create customer demand
  • Learn to identify buyers’ strategic/tactical problems that you can uniquely address
  • Build powerful, actionable personas
  • Post-workshop reinforcement includes enrollment in ValueSelling@Work, a 14-week micro-learning reinforcement series as well as 30-60-90 day consultations and TBD skills enhancements.

“I would attribute a lot of our success as a company to the ValueSelling Methodology. It helps us craft the right message without gaps.”

Rob Wiens

Managing Director, Sequoia Enterprise Solutions