ValueSelling for Marketing: Creating Need and Differentiation

This highly interactive course is designed as a catalyst to align Sales and Marketing teams. Creating Need and Differentiation consists of several of the base ValueSelling modules, and provides a foundation for bridging the communication gap between Marketing and Sales. This course offers a platform for communication by leveraging the ValueSelling Framework® via a ValuePrompter®.

For: Marketing, Other

Learn To:

Understand what creates value in the mind of buyers at different levels in the organization, and how to uncover those values
Identify key business issues, problems, and value for target buyers
Create questions that will engage your target buyers in conversation
Develop the buyer’s requirements to prioritize your offering over that of a competitor

Workshop highlights

  • Review the ValueSelling Framework® and establish the ValuePrompter® as the framework for the process of need creation
  • Assess the current communication mediums, such as datasheets or brochures, to test content against that which motivates a prospect to listen and act
  • Learn the process of working backwards from existing differentiators to the problems they solve
  • Role-play a case scenario customized to your company’s products and services with the objective of increasing the size of your transaction
  • Create a distinction between the different types of issues and problems existing within an organization, and identify how to target appropriately

“I would attribute a lot of our success as a company to the ValueSelling Methodology. It helps us craft the right message without gaps.”

Rob Wiens

Managing Director, Sequoia Enterprise Solutions