ValueSelling for Pre-Sales

This workshop prepares pre-sales organizations to demonstrate value vs. capabilities through alignment with the ValueSelling Framework. ValueSelling for Pre-Sales bridges the gap between pre-sales, sales, and implementation, allowing for meaningful demonstrations and ensuring you are solving unique problems for your customers.

For: SEs / Pre-Sales, Sales

Learn To:

Create effective replicable discovery techniques
Understand a prospect’s business needs and plan for success
Clearly demonstrate value over capabilities

Workshop highlights

  • Learn to demonstrate the value of your products vs. promoting random features
  • Align your sales presentations and capabilities to the prospect’s actual business needs
  • Streamline demos while highlighting and connecting directly to what matters to the customer
  • Clearly articulate your unique capabilities in terms of value to your prospect’s business issues

“I witnessed a dramatic shift for the positive. Our SE was outstanding in probing for the business and personal value. What was thought of as a ‘kicking the tires assessment’ is now identified as a true Q3 opportunity. The training works and it adds immense value to our teams.”

Nik Linehan

Sales Representative, Varonis