ValueSelling for Professional Services

This workshop is coupled with our eValueSelling® companion, an online course providing the ValueSelling principles prior to the classroom workshop. ValueSelling for Professional Services reduces the required time in the classroom and the opportunity cost of lost time in the field for professional services. The course is structured and designed for client interaction during implementation and execution, and utilizes the ValueSelling Framework consistently to structure implementation as a growth and development opportunity.

For: Other

Learn To:

Understand the client’s needs and business issues while matching your solution to those requirements to reach a shared vision
Enable a seamless handoff from Sales to Services teams, aligning around the common vision
Utilize a consistent process to manage conversations and discovery with clients
Train on the ValuePrompter®, a tool designed to assist professional services in linking customer problems to your unique capabilities

Workshop highlights

  • Can they buy? Will they buy? Should they buy? When will they buy?
  • Developing tools for improved dialogue management skills
  • Defining a process for developing key probing questions to purposefully seat competitive differentiators

“I was introduced to value selling framework about 15 years ago by Scott Anschuetz when I worked at a company called Citrix Online. I continue to follow this methodology today to help me facilitate and manage the dialogue of a complex sale. Over the years, one of the most valuable tools that I’ve been able to use from the ValueSelling Framework is something that they call the Qualified Prospect Formula. This consists of four things: VisionMatch, Value, Power and Plan, and when you have those four elements, you’re on your way to closing. It’s helped me with my pipeline development, it’s greatly helped me with my closure rate and it’s also helped me with my forecasting ability.

Kelly Noseworthy

Sales Representative - SaaS Division, Citrix