ValueSelling – The Key to Success


We’ve all had that “ah-ha” moment where we realize that winning a sale is not simply about capabilities. Conventional wisdom tells us that the best product or service will fly off the shelves, yet that doesn’t always happen.

Often, customers will make purchasing decisions using broader criteria:

  • Do these capabilities address my problems?
  • Do they affect my business positively?
  • Are the capabilities aligned with my view of what it will take to resolve the problems?
  • Are these problems worth solving?
  • Does this connect to my personal motivation?
  • Is this product or service what I need?

It comes down to this:

People Buy From People 
The key to successful sales, whether you are selling a product, service or any solution, is in your ability to connect to the “buyer”. This concept is the very foundation of our ValueSelling Framework™: People Buy From People.  While price and capabilities are and will always be important to the equation, customers are increasingly looking for partners who have the same values, can be trusted and are accountable.

  • People Need a Reason to Change – A prospect must believe there is sufficient need to change before they will become your client. To motivate them, you first need to guide them to identify their issues and uncover the reasons they need to change.
  • The Product is in The Mind of the Buyer – Prospects purchase based on what they think your product or service will do for them. You must help them identify exactly how they anticipate using your product or service. You then, shape their perception and understanding of your offering in a way that is better than any other alternative.
  • People Make Emotional Buying Decisions for Logical Reasons – Prospects will buy something if they believe it has both Business Value and Personal Value. Help your prospects connect the value in your solution to their business and personal objectives, and they will be motivated to buy.
  • The Correct Use of Power Is Key – If you don’t have access to the person who has the authority to make a purchase, you’re at risk of wasting time and resources on opportunities that will not close. Mitigate this risk by establishing and maintaining contact with the power level so you can learn about the executive’s perspective and agenda.
  • You Can’t Sell to Someone Who Can’t Buy – Until you identify and gain access to the person who can buy, you remain at risk. Develop your prospect through questions that enable you to determine where there is a need an whether the prospect is committed to making a change based on his business and personal issues.

When you are able to satisfy each component of the equation: Can I Buy, Should I Buy, Will I Buy and Do I See the Value, you can map your sales process to the customer’s buying process and develop a plan to prove that you can and will do all that’s presented in your sales pitch.
Once you understand that winning a sale is not based upon capabilities alone, but mastering the ability to connect with the buyer, you are sure to achieve your sales goals.

As Founder and CEO of Visualize, Scott spearheads the company’s overall strategic direction, planning and execution. Scott has over 25 years of experience in sales and sales leadership, building profitable companies.