Virtual Instructor-led Training

Same Framework, Different Delivery

These are unprecedented times for all of us regardless of region, industry, role or age. However, sales quotas have not been reduced, and businesses must remain focused on fundamentals.

While in-person workshops may be temporarily out of the question, it is more important than ever that your sales organization is efficient and effective.

How it Works

Several of our traditional workshops are available in virtual, instructor-led training (VILT) format. Our online training is participate-centric and has proven to keep attendees active and engaged. VILT includes:

  • Courses tailored to your industry and target customer
  • eLearning that sets the foundation for all learners
  • Interactive workbooks to keep learners focused
  • Coaching guides that enable managers to coach, mentor and reinforce before, during, and long after virtual sessions
  • Microlearning reinforcement to solidify behavior change
  • Follow-up consulting and tools to measure and realize value
“I was super impressed with how well this was done virtually: the breakout rooms, the annotations, the stars – all of those things made the training much more engaging than I thought a virtual training could be.”

SDA Manager (Prospecting Manager)