Vortex Prospecting

Vortex Prospecting™ is a repeatable, cadence-based approach that works for all sales reps whether account-based, market-based, geography-based, or tele-sales. This highly interactive, instructor-led workshop integrates best practices and NLP approaches to cold/warm calling. Vortex Prospecting helps to build a funnel based on a consistent process through multiple channels and touchpoints.

For: Sales, Sales Management, ADR/SDR, Enablement

Learn To:

Generate interest with customized messages and value-added interruptions

Predict a prospect’s likely issues and challenges

Improve access to decision-makers

Gain skills and confidence to connect with your target

Workshop highlights

  • Capture attention in the first 10 seconds of a meeting
  • Write compelling scripts for all types of interactions
  • Use anxiety, influence, and motivation in your messaging to create interest
  • Handle objections and employ value-added interruptions
  • Create a prospecting plan and weekly cadence that works

“I want to thank you for a great session, outstanding delivery, and perfect cadence to keep it at a day-and-a-half. I look forward to catching up…and prep on probing questions aligned to our capabilities and differentiators and live interactions with prospects. Again, I thought it was great and valuable. It’s now up to me to perfect it.”

Brett Brandtjen

Sales Rep, ServiceMax