Workshops, Coaching, Sales Team Assessments, and Motivating Solutions

Coaching / Consulting

Coaching Leaders and Teams

Clients frequently tell us that some of the greatest success they’ve achieved has come from the ongoing guidance and reinforcement of principles that we provide after the classroom sessions are completed.

Custom coaching engagements include:

  • Deal Coaching: Support in winning specific opportunities
  • Implementation Consulting: Guidance in rolling-out ValueSelling to your team
  • Manager Support: Targeted assistance to sales leadership
  • Team and Individual Coaching: Customized one-on-one guidance to those who need it

Past engagements have included:

  • Creating case studies for executive sales call simulations
  • Developing customer “playbooks” for field sales executives
  • Developing “go to market” strategies for new product launches
  • Sales meeting kick-off speaker and events
  • Creating strategies to bridge the gap between Sales and Marketing
  • Developing internal and external communications for new product and solution launches
  • Creating customized workshops to train and certify sales executives on products and solutions
  • Integrating sales processes with CRM applications

“I just wanted to reach out and let you know how impactful last week’s training was for my team. From top to bottom, most senior to least experienced, every single person on my team walked out of the two days with practical, immediately actionable new skills.”

Bryan Head

Senior Vice President, Sales, Evergage

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Sales Team Assessments

Visualize partners with Objective Management Group to conduct an in-depth sales team assessment, providing timely insight on ways to grow revenue, attain world class talent, and gain market share. OMG’s Sales Effectiveness and Improvement Analysis analyses the people, systems, and strategies currently in place within your organization for a well-rounded picture of your company’s effectiveness and potential.

You’ll learn:

  • The steps necessary to help your existing salespeople perform 2-4X current production
  • What are the limiting factors holding your teams from performing better than they do right now and why
  • Which people are in proper and improper roles within the organization
  • The effectiveness and quality of your current pipeline

Candidate Assessments

Searching for and onboarding salespeople can be time consuming and resource intensive. It is difficult to cut through the clutter of exaggerated experience, production, and capabilities to find true talent that will fit well in an organization. Together with OMG, Visualize offers candidate assessments that are based on Predictive Validity to validate past performance and likely future performance. Hire and retain word-class talent including salespeople, sales management, and sales directors.


Motivating Teams

Accelerating revenue involves redirecting behaviors and actions toward shared success. But getting an entire organization to embrace change can be daunting. Visualize offers several options for motivating a sales team to see the value of shared success and to harness the power of the individual’s desire to succeed.

Motivational engagements include:

  • Culture: An assessment and prescription for systemic change
  • Team: Inspirational and targeted speeches for your sales force
  • Individual: One-on-one coaching to reset personal expectations and goals
  • Goals: Coaching on setting and attaining goals
  • Recognition: An assessment and prescription for reward and recognition

“I’ve been through 15 different SKO events in my career and every year there are 2-3 little nuggets I take away. This year I took away your Power/Budget/Timeline process and my forecasting improved drastically. It helped me understand just how serious my prospect was to move forward, who held the ultimate decision and how long it was going to take me to close the opportunity. The other was the Mutual Plan Letter. I typically ask questions like “Does that make sense?” or “do you have any questions?” which only elicit yes or no responses. So I changed them to ask problem/solution questions like “Does NOT having a solution like this create a security gap for you and if not, what do you have currently to solve this problem?” Completely changes the conversation!

Thank you for everything. I am sitting at 138% for the year. Keep up the good work!”

Sean Brockette

Director, TOLA Region, Attivo Networks