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The ValueSelling Framework® is the first and only methodology with a toolset integrated throughout the entire lifecycle of a customer relationship. This proven approach can be delivered through a variety of formats, from online instruction to customized classroom training to blended learning that leverages both online and instructor-led options. Here’s a sampling of our most popular workshops:

ValueSelling Framework® Workshop

The ValueSelling Framework® workshop provides data, tactics and a process for achieving success despite limited customer information, at any level of a prospect organization. It is a repeatable, pragmatic sales process of selling with a buying prospect rather than to them by discovering what is important to the buyer, understanding the mindset, and justifying an investment. This course applies the principles of ValueSelling to a specific sales environment via a customized case study. Participants learn how to call higher, have an executive conversation, differentiate themselves, forecast accurately and maximize their time effectively. Prerequisite: eValueSelling®

Coaching ValueSelling Workshop

Designed specifically to improve forecasting, ensure first level managers are developing their sales teams, improve new representative’s ramp-up time and implement revenue-increasing initiatives effectively and consistently. Prerequisite: eValueSelling®

ValueSelling Marketing Workshop – Creating Need and Differentiation

Designed to be a catalyst in bringing sales and marketing into alignment. It consists of several of the base ValueSelling modules and provides a foundational understanding to bridge the communication gap between marketing and sales by leveraging the ValueSelling Framework®, specifically the ValuePrompter®. Prerequisite: eValueSelling®

Introduction to ValueSelling for Channel Partners Workshop

Designed to extend the ValueSelling principles of the organization to your channel partners, improving their ability to qualify and execute sales campaigns. It leverages the ValueSelling Framework® as a process for developing and coaching partners to faster revenue achievement. Prerequisite: eValueSelling®

Territory Account Management Workshop

Provides the details for effective territory management. Participants first establish a base of income, goal setting, close rates, and activity analysis. They review their territory and identify key accounts, partners and strategy. Prioritization is evaluated based on criteria of the ideal customer/prospect and/or partner. Effective ValueSelling techniques are applied to maximize sales execution. Afterward, quarterly and yearly plans are established and reviewed.

ValueSelling Account Management Workshop

Provides support in using ValueSelling in account management. It enables large, multi-national or multi-location sales teams to work together more efficiently and effectively. The integration of key components of the ValueSelling Framework® into the ValueSelling Account Management application enables teams to leverage the power of ValueSelling in accelerating the closure of their major opportunities. Prerequisite: eExecutive ValueSelling®

ValueSelling Discovery Workshop

Designed to improve the creation of a differentiated VisionMatch® within the sales cycle. The VisionMatch® establishes the foundation for sale closure and successful implementation. Ideal attendees would be sales engineering (pre-sales consultants), services sales and anyone who is involved in the requirement gathering, solution creation and pricing function of a sales campaign. Prerequisite: eValueSelling®

Introduction to ValueSelling Workshop

Designed to provide a sales foundation for those looking to become more seasoned in sales experience. It is a very interactive workshop based on the ValueSelling selling principles. It leverages the ValueSelling Framework® to create a simple but effective approach to drive accelerated growth. Prerequisite: eValueSelling®

ValueSelling Negotiation Skills Workshop

Designed to help all skill levels reach a shared understanding with a prospect or client on all four components of the Qualified Prospect Formula® (QP = VisionMatchD x Value x Power x Plan®). This determines when the negotiation should take place, and what will constitute a win-win outcome. It teaches how to conduct the negotiation appropriately. Understanding what is truly important to the buyer enables a negotiation outcome that delivers the most value, without unnecessary concessions. The result is improved client relationships and profit margins. In addition to the portfolio of ValueSelling Workshops offered, discover Visualize’s Coaching/Consulting and Motivating Solutions.

ValueSelling for Presales

Prepares presales organizations to demonstrate value vs. capabilities through alignment with the ValueSelling Framework. Attendees learn effective, replicable discovery techniques to understand the prospect’s business needs and plan for success. This workshop bridges the gap between Pre-Sales, sales, and implementation, allowing for meaningful demonstrations and ensuring you are solving unique problems for your customers.

eValueSelling® Online Sales Training

An online course providing the ValueSelling principles. It reduces the required time in a classroom and the opportunity cost of lost time in the field for representatives. This foundational course is a requirement prior to any classroom workshop.

eExecutive ValueSelling® Online Sales Training

Prepares sales executives for a meaningful conversation with all levels in an organization, especially the decision-making level. This course allows sales executives to build a base of business acumen, arming them with the knowledge and confidence to successfully approach senior business executives and engage in a business-level conversation.

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