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Extending value, ensuring consistency

What’s your biggest hurdle right now?

Minimal mindshare within the channel
Lack of product knowledge and inconsistent qualification by extended teams
Getting partner executives to invest in the partnership

Visualize can help you

  • Improve communication and measurable results through the use of consistent processes and tools
  • Ensure messaging alignment, targeting, and qualifying throughout partner community
  • Expedite qualification of new opportunities for the partner and the sales teams that support them
  • Reduce wasted time on unqualified opportunities while improving their close ratio
  • Simplify the value proposition for the partner, enabling them to find, qualify, and close new opportunities

“I am finding it really useful. Applied it to a partner who wants to work with us and it was surprising how ill prepared they were and how many gaps they had. I didn’t even think about using it, it just came naturally, which is excellent.
It was a really good course and I felt like I had a lot of benefits gained during the four days.”

Judith Butler

Senior Partner Manager, Alliances and Channel Ecosystem, UKI, ServiceNow

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Channels / Partners