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From Target to Opportunity

Whether your inside sales team is comprised of professionals who are new to sales, seasoned vets or a combination, the ValueSelling Framework® provides a solid foundation for converting targets into qualified leads. Easy to understand and easy to implement, the framework yields immediate results because it gets your whole team on the same page. As a result, inside sales has clear direction on which clients to target and an intuitive process for how to qualify the leads, close deals or handoff to sales.

With Visualize, inside sales will be better able to:

  • Listen to and capture the client’s needs and business issues, and begin creating a foundation for a shared vision with the field
  • Utilize a consistent process to qualify opportunities to close or handoff quality opportunities to the field
  • More effectively promote offerings via phone/email to garner genuine engagement
  • Manage personal performance against individual goals and objectives while improving personal productivity immediately

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“I’m most appreciative, and noticed as much as anything else, after engagement is over, the whole Visualize team continue to check in and support us, and even volunteered to sit in on some calls.”
Greg Buchholz, Founder and CEO of SpringCM