Product Management

Looping in Feedback to Create Value

Your Product team may create the solution, but your Sales team is in the field selling it. Visualize knows that these two teams function best when they join forces to ensure the intended value of the product ends up in the hands of clients. ValueSelling enables an effective communication loop between Sales and Product Management to ensure that Sales is communicating value and that Product Management is listening – and incorporating – client input into future enhancements to create compelling value.

With Visualize, product management will be better able to:

  • Align communication, product enhancements and messaging
  • Utilize a clear, proven framework to prioritize development investment that supports enhanced value
  • Capture client feedback through sales and determine impact to the product roadmap and to implementation
  • Assist Sales and Marketing in better articulating value of the solution
  • Employ a pragmatic tool to more effectively drive revenue

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“The ValueSelling framework is now the foundation to my team’s approach, and we have found the principles to be true enough to apply in many situations. We now have a repeatable, efficient, and successful way to manage and close deals.”
Scott Jorgensen, Salesforce