Adopting tools to accelerate sales

What’s your biggest hurdle right now?

Inability to effectively compete against your competition

Elongated ramp-up time to rep productivity

Revenue slow-down from new offerings

Visualize can help you

  • Understand the key elements of a successful sales campaign and be able to execute against a plan
  • Use a consistent process to manage conversations and discovery with clients
  • Proactively manage forecasting and communication regarding opportunities in the pipeline
  • More effectively manage the sales process from lead qualification on
  • Employ pragmatic tools and processes to more effectively drive revenue

“Upon returning home, on my first call, I followed the BV process to a t……..AND IT WORKED. For me…..the most critical component is cleaning the plate as it forces me to stop and listen……as often times I find myself wanting to “show” prospects which prevents learning. I was simply amazed at how easy it was. ”

John Ashby

Performance Analytics Advisory Solution Architect, ServiceNow

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