Mastering the CxO Discussion

Laser focusing the ValueSelling Framework on CxO level engagement and conversations to elevate teams’ understanding on how the Framework can and should become part of the sales execution in all levels of conversations. Including a veteran 30 year CIO in the workshop gives teams an opportunity in a safe environment to execute, refine and elevate their skills. It provides teams an opportunity to ask questions of the CIO to learn how they and other CxO executives think and make decisions.

For: Sales, Sales Management

Learn To:

Understanding the top CxO issues and motivators
How to research information before engaging with your specific CxO
Establishing credibility within 90 seconds
How to ensure your CxO views you as a trusted consultant and wants to stay connected with you

Workshop highlights

  • Target the right sources of information, identify what to look for, and what to do with it
  • Be able to accurately predict key strategic priorities for C-level executives based on research
  • Prepare the introduction, questions, and presentation for a C-level audience
  • Practice executing the C-level conversation in a safe environment

“First of all, thank you very much for including me in this training class, it is hands down some of the best instruction that I have been exposed to as a sales professional. My biggest takeaway from this class, is to stop focusing on problems and start focusing on the strategic business issues that my client is looking to solve.”

Strategic Account Executive , ServiceNow